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If you have any questions regarding Care services, or employment at Helping Hands Senior Care, we would love to hear from you.  Please call us at 423-476-3312 if you need to speak to someone immediately.  You can also drop us a note below or stop in for a visit.  We would be glad to see you.


60 25th Street NW, Ste 3

Cleveland, TN 37311

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Monday through Friday

9:30am until 5:00pm

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Notes from the Team


“Donna, Thanks for the many Blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family.  We appreciate it all.  God Bless!” Regina


“Donna, Thank you so much for giving your employees a wonderful picnic for a chance for everyone to get together. Love You!  God Bless!”  Anita


“Thank you Donna for all you do for your Employees.” Kimberle


“Donna, You and Jack and the whole team have been a God send to so many and the Cleveland area. Thanks for staying true to the vision.” Harry & Jennette


“I love working at Helping Hands because they treat everyone like family. It isnt about the money, it’s about the love and care for each other. I also enjoy going on walks everyday with my Client. I gets to see his friends and I enjoy seeing the smiles on everyone’s face. I also enjoy talking to my other Client, we sit together and she tells me about what she’s done in her life.” Shannon


“I like that I work for Christians and I enjoy my Clients. I like to bring my Client a Hardees biscuit now and then. He really likes that. I enjoy listening to him talk about his past, and he enjoys it too.” David


“Thank you so much for having such a great company to work for and all that you do with Jesus being the Center!” Love, Mercy


“Thank you a million times over for believing and always seeking.” Annie


“I love working for HHOC because they are very spiritual based and they care deeply for our clients. Thank you for everything you do for us. I love you dearly.” Sonya


“Thank you for your vision and starting Helping Hands business so we can help others.” Melony


“Thank you for all you do. I love working for Helping Hands and seeing such compassion for Clients. I love that we work for a Christian organization! I also love my Client: it is such a pleasure to be able to care for her. She is part of my family. ” Loretta


“I love working for Helping Hands! The precious people we get to work with are very special and have become like extended family to me. I enjoy painting the nails and helping the precious ladies feel a little prettier. I find out what they like and try to cater it to the time I have with them. I always encourage my Clients and let them know they are special and loved.” Mischelle